Retailer offers ringtones in-store.

Australian music retail market leader Brazin is from today (Feb. 15) rolling out the country's first in-store download kiosks through its 392 Sanity, HMV and Virgin outlets.

The Fast Tracks Kiosks will allow users to choose songs from a database of 400,000 titles licensed from the four majors and numerous indies. Users can compile full albums for A$16.99 ($12.57) plus a A$2 ($1.48) CD handling fee. Albums will be capped at 74 minutes playing time.

Individual tracks can be burned to CD for A$1.69 ($1.25) each plus the handling fee.

Brazin unveiled the initiative tonight at an industry launch in Sydney.
The retailer's CEO Greg Milne explained, "As it is rolled out across the country it will change the way Australians approach buying music."

The kiosks are provided by Mediaport, a Delaware corporation with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In other news today unveiled today, Brazin has relaunched its six year old Sanity Digital Web Store and is making "several thousand" ringtones available over the counter.

A user can select a ringtone and pay for it in cash at the counter. A Sanity staffer can activate delivery of the ringtone.

Ringtones range in price, up to A$5.55 ($4.10) for master ringtones. A A$0.99 ($0.73) introductory offer runs until Feb. 28.

The chain is the first Australian bricks-and-mortar company to provide ringtones in-store, which-bypass the need to own a credit card or subscribe to a telecommunications company.

"This is the most significant and exciting initiative Sanity has undertaken since we opened the first (Sanity) store in April 1993," Milne said.

The take-up of digital music in this market was slow until the local arrival of Apple Computer's iTunes Music Store in October 2005.

Although sales figures are not available from the five major Australian download sites, Milne estimates that digital music now represents 5% of the local market.