Deal moves content provider in Latin Market.

Digital content provider Jamster! is entering the Latin music world via a partnership with Ritmo Tunes, a new Latin mobile content distribution company. Ritmo Tunes main shareholder is DJ Nelson, who will also act as president of the company.

Nelson, whose real name is Nelson Diaz, also owns reggaeton label Flow Music, Puerto Rican club Club Flow and clothing line Flow Wear. He is a partner in Puerto Rican radio station MIX 107.7 FM.

Ritmo Tunes will serve as a Latin youth music portal and digital distributor of mobile content, and will use Jamsters!’ worldwide distribution channel, marketing expertise and advertising campaigns. A focal point for the company will be reggaetón.

Jamster is a division of Verisign Corporation. The Ritmo Tunes agreement also includes Verisign’s existing partner, Vardo Entertainment.