Terms of pact undisclosed.

Music network provider Music Choice said on Tuesday (March 7) it reached a deal with Warner Music Group Corp. to provide Cingular Wireless customers music videos and other content for undisclosed terms.

The Music Choice offering will feature a streaming music video-on-demand service. Customers can continuously watch a variety of pre-selected music videos from Warner Music, home to artists such as James Blunt, Missy Elliott and R.E.M., over a 24-hour period.

Cingular Wireless last January introduced a radio service for its mobile phone customers, using about 40 channels of commercial-free music from Music Choice and MobiTV Inc.'s streaming media service.

The new subscription-free Music Choice offering features a daily selection of music videos from Warner's artists to watch on demand over a 24-hour period for 99 cents per video.

In addition, it will offer a premium subscription service offering a wider slection of pop, rock and hip-hop videos and a weekly program about new releases hitting stores that week.

Music Choice is a partnership of several technology and media firms. Cingular, the largest U.S. wireless provider with 54 million customers, is a joint venture of AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp. Earlier this week, AT&T said it would buy BellSouth, bringing the ownership of Cingular under one roof.

- Reuters