Groups resolve by jointly creating a charity.

Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson have reached an agreement regarding a lawsuit Jackson filed over the DVD release of “The Infamous Times-Volume 1: The Original 50 Cent."

The DVD delves into the history of the Brooklyn street thief, Kelvin “50 Cent” Martin, from whom Jackson borrowed his moniker. Jackson filed a lawsuit against Czar Entertainment, Vision Plant Pictures and Premo Pictures on May 31, 2005. He claimed that Rosemond utilized unauthorized interviews within the DVD, and refused to allocate Jackson’s interview fee to Martin’s family.

On July 7 2005, a Los Angeles Federal Court denied Jackson’s request for injunction to stop the DVD’s sales. The lawsuit was dismissed on March 2. Jackson, Czar and Vision Plant Pictures agreed to settle by jointly creating a charity dedicated to Kelvin Martin and his children’s livelihood.