Licenses catalog to Qtrax service.

TVT Records and Advanced Technology Industries, Inc, entered an agreement which will bring the indie's entire catalog to Qtrax, ATI's legal—but not yet launched—Peer-2-Peer service. Qtrax, which uses the Audible Magic content filtering technology, is expected to launch this spring and will be an ad-supported P2P.

“Fans want to share files and sample new music in the most economical way, and artists and record companies deserve compensation. Both interests are realized through the Qtrax ad-supported model. The prospect of monetizing the power and appeal of P2P is extremely appetizing,” said TVT president/founder Steve Gottlieb.

TVT's catalog includes artists such as Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Default, Ying Yang Twins, Sevendust and Pitbull.