More than 25,000 respondents polled.

While the vast majority of rock radio listeners aren't aware of HD Radio, a little education could go a long way in getting them onboard.

That observation comes from a new technology Web poll conducted by Jacobs Media among listeners of rock, classic rock and modern rock stations. The poll was conducted in Feb. 2006, among more than 25,000 respondents across 79 different rock-formatted stations.

While only one in five rock listeners said they know about HD Radio, more than one-third of the sample said they’d be very or somewhat likely to purchase an HD-equipped radio for approximately $300 after learning about its basic features.

Not surprisingly, men, mainstream rockers and those who classify themselves as “early adopters” are more open to buying such a radio. In addition, those familiar with HD Radio have a greater inclination to spend money on a receiver, the report says.

Since two of the stations in the survey – Greater Media’s active rock WRIF and classic rock WCSX Detroit — have been broadcasting in HD since July 2005, Jacobs isolated and analyzed data collected from their listeners.

While only one-fifth of the total national sample was aware of HD, 50% of those who came from the WRIF and WCSX databases knew about the technology.