Tracks are being sold at $1.10 each.

Epsa Music, an indie Argentine record company, distributor and manufacturer, has launched its new digital download site,

Zap, launched in alliance with internet provider Fibertel, will be offered exclusively to Fibertel customers for the first six months. Fibertel is a division of the powerful Cable Vision Group network, and has over 200,000 clients. According to Epsa, more than 23,000 visitors went to the site on launch day, March 31, with 300,000 more visiting up to April 19, the day the site was officially presented to the media. Tracks are being sold at $1.10 each. Albums are sold for the equivalent price of ten tracks, approximately the same price for an album at retail in Argentina.

No credit cards are involved in the transaction, since transactions are added directly to the monthly Fibertel bill, in the same manner as a pay-per-view event on cable television. Aside from selling major label content, the site also includes songs from The Orchard, which represents 1700 independent labels from aound the world.

Zapmuisca is the second digital download site to launch in Argentina. The first,, launched last December. Next in line will be an alliance between distributor DBN and concert promoters/radio group Rock & Pop/CIE Argentina, slated for next month.