'It's official, today is my last day.'

“It’s official, today is my last day." That was the word from David Lee Roth seconds into his syndicated radio show Friday morning (4/21), ending the nearly four-month CBS Radio experiment known as Roth Radio.

As Billboard Radio Monitor reported Thursday (4/20), CBS Radio and XM Satellite Radio are expected to announce that XM's Opie and Anthony will replace Roth in the seven markets where he succeeded Howard Stern, who segued to Sirius Satellite Radio in January. The duo would host a three-hour show on terrestrial radio, then finish their day with a two-hour unedited version on satellite. XM would air all five hours.

Telling his audience he was informed of his dismissal “in the car on the way to work today,” Diamond Dave also said the parting was not amicable: "I was booted, tossed and it’s going to cost somebody.”

Roth quipped that he and his “legal team of Darth Vader” planned to meet today with CBS officials to “settle like gentleman or start World War 9.” Roth said he has retained the same legal team employed by Stern, whom he replaced on Jan. 3.

Roth claims he gave up considerable touring money to take a job with CBS, but also said he wanted to continue in radio, hinting that television or satellite radio are future possibilities. “I have a shout-out to Sirius," Roth said.

“Of course we had crappy ratings,” Roth added, adding that he felt the show was finding an audience. “The flow was smoking.”