Lawyers on both sides confirm.

Lawyers on both sides of the CBS Corp. and Howard Stern breach of contract lawsuit said Wednesday they are close to a settlement.

CBS lawyer Irvin Nathan told Judicial Hearing Officer Ira Gammerman, "We have an agreement, but there are details that have to be worked out." He added that the parties were "very close" to a settlement.

Stern's lawyer, Peter Parcher, confirmed Nathan's report but refused to elaborate.

The lawyers told Gammerman they will return to his courtroom next week if they do not conclude the agreement. They said they would notify him by telephone if they resolve the dispute and no longer need the court.

CBS says in its lawsuit, filed in February, that its former star radio shock jock breached his contract with it when he moved to Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

The lawsuit, which also names Sirius, says Stern improperly used CBS radio's air time to promote his Sirius show, which began in January. CBS also says Stern discussed his plans with Sirius without disclosing them to CBS as his contract required.

Stern moved his popular and bawdy morning show to satellite radio in a five-year, $500 million deal after years of railing against decency restrictions imposed on regular radio by the Federal Communications Commission.

CBS' lawsuit asks that the defendants be forced to return any financial benefits they received from use of CBS radio's air time to promote Sirius.

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