Sales used to fight AIDS in Africa.

Following on the heels of the RED American Express credit card, rock star Bono launched a new red mobile phone in the UK on Monday (May 15), sales of which are expected to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to fight AIDS in Africa.

The U2 singer has teamed up with the world's number two handset maker Motorola Inc., which has produced a red version of its slimline SLVR model for sale to UK consumers.

The 149-pound ($282) handset can be used on all major UK mobile networks, and will see Motorola and retailers such as Carphone Warehouse contribute 10 pounds from the sale of each phone into a global fund to fight AIDS and other diseases.

Britain's mobile operators will donate a further 5 percent of the monthly phone bill of each consumer using the red MOTOSLVR phone to the fund. Users only need to transfer their Sim card from their existing handsets to the red phone to start contributing to the fund.

"I would be very disappointed if this did not generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the global fight to fight AIDS," said Ron Garriques, president of Motorola Mobile Devices.

The Irish singer co-founded Product Red, an ambitious branding and fund-raising scheme, with former U.S. President John F. Kennedy's nephew Bobby Shriver at Davos in January this year. Gap, Giorgio Armani and Nike unit Converse have all signed up to the project.