Injured in fall on morning of May 19.

Latin jazz pianist, arranger and composer Hilton Ruiz remains in a coma
due to injuries sustained after a fall in New Orleans.

Ruiz, of Teaneck, New Jersey, had flown to New Orleans on May 18 with
Marco Matute, a producer for the M27 World label, to shoot a video to
accompany a benefit CD for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Ruiz had
finished recording the CD the day before in New York City. According to
reports published by the Associated Press, Ruiz tripped and fell on a
curb, face first, the morning of May 19. He has remained comatose
since then.

Ruiz, one of Latin jazz’s best known pianist, has played and recorded
with virtually every major name in jazz and Latin music. He will turn
54 on May 29. He is being cared for at East Jefferson General Hospital
in New Orleans.