Tour launches June 2, DVD release set for June 6.

The indie comedy, Beer: the Movie is set for DVD release nationwide, June 6 on Sony-BMG’s RED Distribution. The DVD is backed by a laundry list of indie artists on the score and soundtrack, some of which are on board for promoting the DVD on their summer tours.

Beer: The Movie is a compilation of a series of vignettes that were originally featured on FUSE Channel’s Daily Download. The sketch comedy was made into a full-length film scored by artists such as The Sleeping and Fight Paris.

The film’s soundtrack boasts big indie names such as Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Atmosphere, Hot Rod Circuit and The Movielife. Brand New members, Vinnie Accardi and Garrett Tierny also make a guest appearance in the film.

Some of the bands will help promote the DVD further by bringing comedians from the film on the road of their own summer tours as a part of The Best Bar in America Tour. The bands joining the “search” are The Sleeping, I Am The Avalanche, Ultra High Frequency, Aeroplane Pageant, and Brand New.

In each city, the film’s stars will throw parties at local bars along with the bands. The events will include showcasing sketches, putting on contests for free beer and band performances at select venues.

The tour will kick off with the DVD release party on June 2 in Long Island. The events of the tour will be videotaped for the next installment of the series, Beer: The Movie Volume 2.