Bill to be delivered to the White House.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Decency Enforcement Act, 379-35. The bill increases to $325,000 the per-incident fine the FCC can impose on licensees for broadcasting indecent or obscene material.

The final House vote approved the bill with 379 representatives voting Yes and 35 voting No, with 18 not voting.

The Senate passed the exact same bill on May 18 by “unanimous consent” without a recorded vote. The House vote was a recorded vote and today’s action paves the way for the bill to be delivered to the White House and signed into law by President Bush.

A stricter version of this legislation was approved by the House last year, in a 389-98 vote. In that bill, the FCC was authorized to fine individuals as well as broadcast licensees. That language, and other strict measures were eliminated by the Senate’s version. It’s this modified version that will become law when Bush signs the bill.