Much was in the form of donated airtime.

Clear Channel says its total philanthropic contributions for 2005 exceeded $1 billion, the greatest total in the company's history. Much of that contribution was in the form of donated airtime, but a significant portion came in the form of cash donations.

In total, Clear Channel Radio gave over $845 million, Clear Channel Television gave over $61 million, Clear Channel Outdoor gave over $80 million and Clear Channel International Radio gave over $41 million to the company's appointed charities.

As for the radio division's contributions, Clear Channel provided the following breakout: $59,411,985 went to relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; $664,397,507 was air time donated for public service announcements, and $121,709,272 was raised through fundraising efforts.

“Because of our reach in local communities, we’re able to make philanthropic decisions that have the greatest impact on local neighborhoods, whether it’s in support of local children’s hospitals and shelters, food banks, educational support programs or healthcare organizations,” said John Hogan, president and CEO of Clear Channel Radio.

“Evidence of this includes local initiatives," Hogan continued, "such as our donation of the Clear Channel House Family Y, which supports local families and health and wellness programs in Augusta, as well as programs such as ‘Musicians on Call’, which brings music to hospital bedsides in New York and Philadelphia, not to mention thousands of public service announcement campaigns, including the multi-faceted ‘Be Clear About Your Health’ campaign in Chicago.”