10-point plan intended to revive music sector.

Executives representing the breadth of Italy's music industry have jointly presented the new Italian government with a 10-point plan which is intended to boost their beleaguered sector.

The proposal, unveiled today (June 20), includes signatories from the major labels trade body FIMI, the indie group PMI (whose members broke way from FIMI last year), and another indie association Audiocoop. Representatives from various live music organizations, including Asssomusic (concert promoters), Arci and Superclub (venues), and Assoarti (artists), have also signed the appeal.

Many of the points reinforce the industry's battle cries of recent years. They include: the recognition of recorded and live music as cultural products with tax benefits, promoting music teaching in the curriculum, tax incentives for research and development and the digitalization of catalog, and the setting up of an Italian music office.

The appeal is addressed to the government of Romano Prodi, whose center-left coalition narrowly defeated Silvio Berlusconi's center-right coalition in a general election in April. Berlusconi's supporters did, however, contest the results for several weeks, thereby delaying the formation of the new government.

The cultural heritage ministry portfolio, which is the most important for the music industry, eventually went to Francesco Rutelli, leader of the Margherita party, one of the coalition's major components.

"The next step will hopefully be over the next few weeks when we get the chance to present specific legislative proposals to the senate and parliamentary cultural commissions. This should be at some stage in July," FIMI president Enzo Mazza tells Billboard.biz. "I think that the most important thing right now is that the music industry has presented a united front."