Duquette acquires all outstanding shares.

Janie Duquette now fully owns and runs the company she built, Montreal-based entertainment firm Deja Musique. Duquette, president of Deja Musique, has acquired the outstanding shares of the company previously owned by Annie Tarlton, the wife of Montreal enterprenuer Donald Tarlton, chairman of the entertainment conglomerate Donald K. Donald Group.

Deja Musique oversees record production, talent management, and musical publishing in Quebec, and is the label to such leading Quebec-based acts as Corneille, Boom Desjardins, Jona and Dany Bédar.

The company is now launching Deja Musique France in partnership with producer Fabrice Orlando of Everglad Prod. in Paris. The new label will primarily market Deja Musique's artists in France and Europe, but will also encompass artists not exclusively signed to Deja Musique.

"Our partnership offers incredible opportunities for Quebec artists to get known in France," says Duquette. "We will be one of the few companies in Quebec to offer this kind of working team and international promotional structure."