Will work to contact performers owed royalties.

Hank Medress has joined the performance rights organization SoundExchange as a special consultant of artist membership. Medress, a songwriter, producer, music industry executive and original member of the Tokens, will work with the organization in its efforts to contact unregistered performers who are owed digital performance royalties.

Medress became involved with the organization after reconnecting with SoundExchange’s executive director, John Simson. The two were attending the Vocal Group Hall of Fame’s annual event where Simson made a presentation on new royalties for performers from Internet, satellite and cable radio services.

“I’m so glad to have this opportunity to be able to give back to an industry I’ve spent my whole life in,” Medress said in a statement. “Whether an artist is due six thousand dollars or sixteen dollars, I will treat it the same. Sometimes it’s the people who are owed the least that need it the most.”

SoundExchange is the first performance rights organization designated by the U.S. government to collect royalties on behalf of recording artists and record labels. The organization is currently searching for over 30,000 unregistered performers who are owed money from the first billing cycle, 1996-2000. SoundExchange has already paid over 31.8 million dollars and has processed over 650 million digital plays since its establishment in 2000.