Cell phone tickets defy scalpers.

Ticketmaster continues its surge to be a powerhouse in the U.K.'s live-event sector with the launch of MobileTicket, a new wireless service that sells concert tickets via cell phones.

Among the first British gigs to use the new ticketing format was the O2 Wireless Festival organized by promotion juggernaut Live Nation and held in London's Hyde Park from June 21-25. The event also played out in Harewood House in Leeds, north England.

Ticketmaster and its clients of venue owners and concert promoters believe the wireless technology will enable live-event organizers to win their fight against ticket scalpers.

"MobileTicket will enable us to make ticketing even more secure and deter touts and counterfeiters through its secure delivery and unique barcode validation capability," said Chris Edmonds, Ticketmaster U.K.'s managing director, said in a statement.

Through the new service, users can buy tickets after registering their handsets on Ticketmaster's U.K. Web site. The handsets will then receive an SMS text message containing details of the event together with a unique barcode.

To enter the concert venue, the user will be required to pass their handset over a scanning device.

Counterfeiting is blocked by rendering a barcode invalid if it is forwarded to another handset.

Ticketmaster is Live Nation's official ticketing agency. Edinburgh-based Mobiqa supplied the software that enables the mobile-ticketing transaction to take place.