Impacts publishers signed up with Orchard Music Services.

The Orchard has signed a deal with Nashville-based Integrated Copyright Group to handle publishing administration for publishers who have signed up with Orchard Music Services.

“Publishers have increasingly recognized the Orchard for our management of copyrights and our attention to customers’ needs,” said Greg Scholl, chief executive officer of the Orchard. “As we broaden the Orchard’s business to include services like copyright administration and sync placement, our relationships with industry leaders like ICG – and our ongoing commitment to customer service – will help us deliver maximum value to our growing roster of publishing clients.”

Under the arrangement, the Orchard Music Services will handle sync licensing in the United States while ICG will provide additional licensing services and handle collections worldwide.

About 10-15 labels that control publishing rights and a few artists have signed up for the publishing services as the Orchard begins rolling out its unit. Once the system is fully operational, the group expects to make it available to a broad number of its customers.

“Our goal is not just to administer catalogs, but to assess our clients’ needs and implement the best possible programs to meet those needs,” said Patrick Sullivan, the Orchard’s VP of licensing, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the Orchard Music Services’ publishing administration program. “We are looking forward to working with ICG to take our music services to new levels, and to help our publishing customers get the most out of their copyrights.”