Indie sold 50% stake in 2001.

Univision Music Group is slated June 30 to complete its acquisition of Disa Records from the Chavez family in Mexico.

Disa, one of the mightiest forces in regional Mexican music, commands nearly 14% of the Latin music market, according to Nielsen Soundscan. The label, founded and owned by the Chavez family in Mexico, is known for its aggressive A&R and for pushing new acts and new genres. Disa is largely responsible for the explosion of duranguense music in the United States and beyond thanks to acts like Grupo Montez de Durango and K-Paz de la Siera.

Although Disa was long known as a mighty indie, it sold 50% of its assets in 2001 to the Univision Music Group, with the understanding that sale of the remaining 50% would also pass to Univision in June of 2006.

Sources say Disa will be now headed by Carlos Ruiz, previously finance director for Univision Music Group Mexico. No other personnel changes have been announced.