DEAG anticipates 'significant' boost.

Concert promoting giants Deutsche Entertainment AG and Anschutz Entertainment Group have forged an alliance for the German touring market.

In a statement, Berlin-based DEAG says it will be the "preferred promoter" for tours AEG brings to Germany. DEAG's management says it anticipates a "significant increase of activities in the live touring segment" thanks to the co-operation.

AEG CEO Randy Phillips describes the new pact as primarily a joint venture, which combines the calendars of the Walbuene Amphitheatre and the O2 World, AEG's state-of-the-art, 17,000-seat arena currently under construction in downtown Berlin.

Phillips stresses, however, that the deal does not exclusively tie the two promoters. "We have the right to 'shop' with all the promoters in Germany or just deal with the promoter of choice as designated by the artist's reps, he tells

"The most important point is that this is not exclusive and we are free to work whoever an artist wants to whether it is DEAG, Medusa, Marcel Avran, Ossy Hoppe, Marek Lieberburg, Peter Rieger, or others," he adds. "AEG Live is, as always, an artist driven company and frequently co-promote on our tours."

In 2005, DEAG formed a joint venture for Germany with ticketing giant Ticketmaster to launch an electronic-ticketing distributor.

DEAG is expected to announce in the coming weeks the establishment of a joint company with a renowned U.K. promoter for the British market.