Flux originally unveiled in Japan in June 2005.

Flux, the multi-platform social-networking digital service originated by MTV Networks International in Japan, is entering the U.K. market on Aug. 1.

Originally unveiled in Japan in June 2005 as a local subscription-based mobile-phone and Web networking service, Flux was among the first MTVNI ventures that did not originate as a TV brand.

After extending the service to Italy, a British edition of Flux comes to the U.K. on MTV’s 25th anniversary (Aug. 1).

It is positioned as a digital community youth service that enables the audience to influence what they see and is centered on music videos and user-generated content.

Angel Gambino, the London-based VP, commercial, strategy and digital media at MTV Networks U.K., says Flux U.K. will kick off on Aug. 1 with a broadband Internet launch, joined by mobile and TV transmission by early September.

“What Flux’s experience provided us from Japan was an understanding of how people use mobiles as a transaction tool and an entertainment device,” she tells Billboard.biz. “From Italy, we’ve learned about the internal processes of linking up all three platforms (TV, mobile and PC) for the same service.”

For example, Flux will offer its young TV viewers an array of 2-Dimensions and 3-Dimension avatars, which are the type of fictional personas that are normally associated with video games.

The viewer would be able to select this on-screen persona and, depending on that persona’s popularity among the Flux community, could become a video jockey who influences the music video playlist.

And ultimately, consumers will be able to contribute to and access Flux content through any of the three distribution platforms.

The service will be funded by advertising and sponsorship on the online element, by pay-TV subscription for the on-air element, and a la carte for the mobile content.

Flux U.K. is also in talks with major music artists about creating exclusive content for the service.