Adopts new name to reflect new media age.

The British Association of Record Dealers (BARD) is re-baptizing its organization with a new name Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). The 18-year-old association says the new brand name reflects the new developments within, the new changes to and the new profile of its members’ activities.

When it launched in 1988, BARD’s membership comprised independent, multiple and wholesale record dealers who joined forces to enter into constructive dialogs with the BPI, the trade body representing Britain’s recorded music industry and producers.

Today, the same organization represents 90% of the U.K.’s music, film and games retailers and finds its members increasingly dealing with the fast-growing digital media and entertainment distribution platforms.

“The name change demonstrates our commitment to represent the interests of our increasingly diverse membership, through a period of rapid industry change,” commented Kim Bayley, ERA’s secretary general.