Aims to be 'one-stop source' for online video content.

AOL is launching new video portal August 4 that will offer access to music videos, news clips, movie trailers, full length TV shows and user generated content.

The portal, AOL Video ( will feature over 45 new video-on-demand content “channels”; UnCut Video a viral video offering in the vein if YouTube; search technology from Truveo and Singingfish; and a video player that supports DVD-quality videos online, and can go full screen without losing picture quality.

Kevin Conroy, executive VP of AOL says the company is positioning AOL Video as a “one-stop source” for online video content and programming.

AOL Video will offer music videos from AOL Music, full length TV episodes from In2TV, and an array of paid and ad-supported content from third parties including and MTV Networks, TBS, TNT, TV Guide, Warner Bros. Entertainment. Search results will also allow users to link to content from other video sources like YouTube, Yahoo! (Yahoo Music, Yahoo News, Yahoo Movies, etc.), Google Video and iFilm.