Original date pushed back almost a year.

London’s much delayed new Wembley Stadium is not expected to be finished until almost one year after its original launch date.

The $1 billion-plus 90,000-seater venue, which had two completion dates rescheduled this year (one in January and one in March), was then thought to be ready in September. But that timeframe appears to be unlikely according to a statement from Michael Cunnah, CEO of Wembley National Stadium Ltd (WNSL), who is managing the project.

“It is WNSL’s view that, at the current rate of progress, particularly in light of the extensive testing and commissioning regime that will be required, this is not likely to be achieved until later in the year,” says Cunnah.

He added that outstanding construction requirements include works to be done to the roof, the drainage system, safety systems and the installation of about 10,000 more seats. These parts of the project need to be completed prior to final training of the staff, according to Cunnah.

The venture, which is being built by Australian contractor Multiplex, was expected to be finished by Jan. 30. The opening was then postponed to March 31, but failed to take place.

If completed closer to schedule, one of the first major events held at Wembley would have been the 2006 England FA Cup final, a calendar highlight in European soccer, in May. But it was forced to take place at a different venue.

In addition, concerts by Bon Jovi for this June, shows by the Rolling Stones in August, and performances by British pop star Robbie Williams had to be either cancelled or transferred to other venues.