British rock group was supporting Keane.

The recent cancellation of the North American tour by U.K. band Keane has also forced its support act, British rock group Razorlight, to postpone its own current U.S. shows.

Razorlight was ready to kick-start headline concerts in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City in August and September. And in between those shows, it was also booked to support Keane during the same months.

But a spokesperson for Razorlight (Vertigo), whose attempts to conquer the U.S. appear to be dogged by ill health and accidents, says the group will not give up and is setting up new shows later this year.

The band’s agent Jon Pleeter, at CAA, is hoping to reschedule new U.S. headline dates in December and January, she added.

“Razorlight was due to play at the Roxy in LA on the 30th (August), in San Francisco on the 31st, then play the Keane tour after Labor Day weekend before going to the Bowery Ballroom in New York on Sept. 11. So their shows would have bracketed Keane’s tour,” the spokesperson said.

But Keane has called off its tour because lead singer Tom Chaplin is in a rehabilitation clinic for his drug and alcohol addictions ( Aug. 22, 2006).

The Keane cancelation made Razorlight’s own schedule untenable, the spokesperson explained.

She said the band is finding the whole experience frustrating as the news about Keane came while Razorlight was already in the United States.

The band was playing on the popular U.S. chat show “Late Night with David Letterman” on the CBS network on Tuesday night (Aug. 22). The program was retransmitted in the United Kingdom on the ITV 4 the following day (Aug. 23).

The TV appearance was designed to promote Razorlight’s latest self-titled album and to raise the act’s profile among U.S. consumers.

This is not the first time Razorlight’s U.S. aspirations have hit unexpected obstacles, including ill health.

“Sadly, the last time Razorlight was due to play in Los Angeles, in January 2005, they had to pull out; singer Johnny Borrell had lost his voice. But they are not giving up,” she says.

And on Aug. 23, Borrell told that his much-loved guitar had gone missing at the airport in the United States. While details of the loss are unavailable, he pointed out the guitar’s unique value: “It’s the only one in the world like it.”

Katie Hasty contributed to this story.