Sub service features streaming radio, video.

MSpot is now providing the content, client application, technology infrastructure and operations for Sprint Radio, a new service just unveiled by the cellular giant. Before joining forces to provide the new service, mSpot offered two streaming radio services to Sprint PCS Vision subscribers.

The service features nearly 100 channels of streaming radio and video with programming that includes a wide range of music as well as news, weather, sports, finance and entertainment from sources such as NPR, ESPN and Radio Disney, among others.

Sprint Radio is available via a subscription for $5.95 a month on the Sprint Media Player or as a downloadable Java application. The service is offered on select handsets across all three of Sprint's networks: Sprint Power Vision, Sprint Vision and Nextel.

mSpot debuted its cell phone streaming technology in April 2005 with mSpot Music, which featured music channels spanning a wide range of genres. The company added mSpot radio in August 2005, and mSpot Sports was launched earlier this year.

Despite this new announcement, mSpot is continuing in its efforts to team up with other cell phone companies as a content provider.