Content pact follows Universal agreement.

EMI Music Publishing has become the first major publisher to license its repertoire to SpiralFrog, the free-to-consumer, advertising-supported download service scheduled for launch later this year.

The deal covers recorded compositions that EMI has available for downloading in the United States and lyrics to EMI's Anglo-American repertoire for search and display worldwide.

"The digital world and the business models that will govern it are constantly being tested and tried," says Marty Bandier, co CEO/chairman of EMI Music Publishing. "This is but a new business model that we are all hoping works, to stand alongside the other models that we get paid for on a per-song basis. For right holders to share in the upside of an advertisement-based site is great and well-justified."

Adding EMI's publishing repertoire to the recordings of Universal Music Group, which announced its deal with SpiralFrog last week (Aug. 29), the service will be able to offer recordings by such artists as Sting, Nelly Furtado, Jay-Z and Kanye West.

"We are very pleased to help launch SpiralFrog," says Roger Faxon, co-CEO of EMI Music Publishing. "It is a very exciting concept which fuses advertising with music downloads and other services to recapture consumer demand which has been hijacked by online piracy. Anytime we can create a new revenue stream for our songwriters and combat online piracy, you will see EMI Music Publishing leading the charge."

SpiralFrog's target audience is between the ages of 13 and 34.