Managing director unveils plans at Popkomm.

Jamba, the ringtone vendor known as Jamster in the United Kingdom and United States, is set to expand into Latin America and India, according to Jamba managing director Markus Berger-de León at Popkomm in Berlin.

Already in 30 countries, Germany-originated Jamba recently hit the headlines when 51% was recently acquired by media giant News Corp for $187.5 million from U.S.-based VeriSign.

Berger-de León expected revenues of $300 million this year, a drop compared with last year’s $527 million. Berger, however, explained that 2005 had been an unusual year for revenues for Jamba because ‘Crazy Frog,’ the popular ringtone that also became a best-selling single, was a major hit.

Following News Corp.’s acquisition, Berger-de León hopes there will be significant opportunities to exploit News Corp.’s vast content and marketing resources at its 20th Century Fox film and television studios in Los Angeles.

Also at Popkomm, Jamba and MTV Networks presented a new joint music-download service "VIVA Liederladen" (VIVA songshop). This platform will enable customers to download via the Jamba Music player and thus download songs to PCs and mobile phones.

"With Jamba Music, we are convinced we have exactly the right product for our viewers and the customers of the VIVA Liederladen,” said Joel Berger, VP marketing & new business at MTV Networks, which also operates the VIVA music TV channel. “Jamba is the ideal partner for our musicdownload-product."

Subscription rates to VIVA Liederladen include the"Jamba Music Flatrate," which offers unlimited music downloads for € 14.95 ($18.98) a month as long as the user is customer of Jamba Music. After two years’ membership, the flat rate is only € 9.95 ($12.63) per month.

The "Jamba Music 20 " rate offers 20 downloadable songs for mobile phones and the PC for € 4.99 ($6.33) per month.

The model "Jamba Music Single" enables the customer to download individual tracks and own the songs indefinitely, including the right to burn to blank CDs, for € 1.29 ($1.64) per title and €12.95 ($16.44) per album.