Reality show winners to be called Rock Star Supernova.

The new band formed by Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke will not be promoting itself as Supernova. In a settlement reached in a trademark dispute over the name, the new band fronted by TV reality show winner Lukas Rossi will be called Rock Star Supernova. A California punk-rock band, first known as Supernova From Cynot3, may use the name Supernova.

The deal was struck between the punk-rockers—Jodey Lawrence, Arthur Mitchell, and David Collins—and reality-show producer Mark Burnett Productions and his affiliated companies. The remaining settlement terms are confidential.

In June, Supernova From Cynot3 sued the producer for trademark infringement and other claims. The court then issued a preliminary injunction against the Burnett-affiliated companies on Sept. 12, one day before Rossi was named the winner.