Group: proposed settlement lacks important protections.

The Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) has filed complaints today (Sept. 21) against Sony BMG Canada with various federal and provincial government regulatory agencies in Canada. The complaints are focused on the proposed settlement for the ongoing Canadian class action litigation over DRM currently before the Ontario court.

The CIPPIC contends that "several important consumer protections" that were included in the U.S. settlement earlier this year, have been "deliberately and explicitly excluded from the Canadian settlement agreement."

“Sony BMG has offered to settle the Canadian litigation, but has obstinately refused to include those same consumer protection provisions in the Canadian settlement," says Philippa Lawson, Executive Dir. of CIPPIC. "Canadian consumers deserve the same consideration as American consumers.”

The complaints were filed to Competition Bureau in Ottawa, Ont.; The Ontario Consumer Services Bureau in Toronto; the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority in Vancouver; Office de la Protection du Consommateur in Quebec City, Quebec; and the Privacy Commissioners of Canada in both Vancouver and Calgary.

Established in 2003 at the Faculty of Law department of the University of Ottawa in Canada’s capital city, CIPPIC’s mandate is to advocate for balance in policy and law-making on issues arising from new technologies.