Service offers player for Web sites, blogs. has joined the executive team as head of marketing for Musicane, an online service that provides content creators with tools to sell digital content directly from their own Web sites, blogs and online social networks. In this role, will advance the growth of the company, promote the adoption of the technology as well as shape future product offerings.

Additionally, the company released Sept. 22 an upgraded transaction service that offers allows users to embed storefronts with e-commerce capability on their personal online spaces. The updated service will allow content owners to sell music from any type of Web site, be it a blog or a social network, including MySpace or Friendster. Fans will also be allowed to add the Musicane player to their own sites or blogs.

Musicane offers various pricing structures. The full service costs $19.99 per month, and artists retain 80% of each transaction. Musicane also offers a "lite" version without the high monthly fee, but artists are limited to 25MB of storage.