Allows users to stream from personal pages.

Wippit, the U.K.-based digital-entertainment service, has linked up with San Francisco-based Sonific to offer subscribers of social networking Web sites access to music, for use on personal pages.

Using Sonific's software application and music player SongSpots, users with personalized pages on social networks like MySpace, Facebook and Bebo are able to access full-length songs from Wippit's service for streaming for free. The songs can be added to any personalized lifestyle page, blog, network profile, photo gallery or personal home page.

However, should they want to own the songs, they have an option to download and pay for them. "Sonific will feature links to Wippit's back-end purchasing facility for buying a song that is featured in a given SongSpot, creating a new viral revenue opportunity for Sonific, Wippit, rights owners and artists," Wippit explained in a statement.

Wippit's download prices remain the same as for other subscribers, ranging from £0.29 to £0.99 ($0.55 to $1.88) per track, to £4.99 a month ($9.45) or £50 a year ($90.72) for the Wippit Unlimited Downloads package.