Deal includes artists such as Coldplay, Ray Charles.

The quantity of international music available to the vast Chinese market has received a boost following a deal between New York-based The Orchard and, one of China’s leading legal digital music services.

The Orchard, an independent digital-music distributor and marketer, will supply content to The Orchard’s catalog includes recordings by Coldplay (Parlophone) and Ray Charles, among others.

“China accounts for half of the home broadband connections in all of Asia,” said Greg Scholl, The Orchard’s CEO, in a statement. “This makes it a market that’s long overdue for an explosion in digital-music commerce. This expectation is borne out in research by leading firms like InStat, which forecasts that the Chinese digital music market will grow at a compound annual rate of 317% between 2005 and 2008.”

Orca Digital, a venture co-founded by Chinese-born National Basketball Assn. star Yao Ming, launched Beijing-based early this year.

Negotiations for the deal with were co-ordinated by Daniel Cheung, managing director of The Orchard’s Asian operation.