Aims to limit damages caused by outdoor music events.

U.K. music festival organizations and operators have joined forces to launch today (Oct. 2) a new Web site that promotes more environmentally efficient outdoor live events.

Called A Greener Festival, the not-for-profit project aims to encourage music festival organizers to debate and share best practices that ensure large outdoor music events limit damages caused to the immediate surroundings.

Among the topics of debate to be tackled on the new Web site are the impact of waste, traffic, carbon dioxide emissions, noise, water pollution and land damage before, during and after music festivals.

The scheme is supported by Glastonbury Festival, Europe’s biggest outdoor festival; the ILMC (International Live Music Conference); and Yourope, the pan-European festivals organization.

London-based Ben Challis, Glastonbury Festival’s general counsel, is coordinating the project. “The site is designed to help promoters and organizers – not preach to them,” he said.

A Greener Festival has linked up with Yourope, which introduced a “Green’N’Clean” section on its Web site earlier this year. It aims to promote cross-border awareness of environmental issues among the region’s festival organizers and promoters.

The site’s organizers are also working with the U.K. Festival Awards, which includes a category devoted to the “Shelter Award For Social Responsibility." This year’s nominees include Cambridge Folk Festival (July 27-30); Solfest (Aug. 25-27); Lovebox Weekender (July 22-23); T in the Park (July 8-9); and WOMAD (July 28-30).