Lyric licensing pact covers a variety of digital uses.

The Harry Fox Agency has entered its first-ever online lyric licensing arrangement. Under the deal with LyricFind, HFA-affiliated publishers will have the option to participate on a commission-free basis.

The deal covers a variety of digital uses for lyrics, including downloads and integration with online music services and devices. The license is limited to personal use of lyrics in the United States.

Each publisher that elects to participate will receive the gross royalties collected by HFA for use of lyrics from the publisher's catalog. HFA will not deduct its usual 6.75% commission. Specific terms, including license fees, were not disclosed.

"LyricFind is committed to creating a robust, legal database of digital lyrics that will make online music services even more compelling," says Darryl Ballantyne, president of LyricFind.

Once publishers opt-in to the licensing arrangement, the publishers will be able to add, review and edit lyrics on the LyricFind database.

"This licensing arrangement will support the development of a legal, online lyrics marketplace," says Gary Churgin, HFA president/CEO. "Properly licensed lyric databases will be a real asset to digital music services and promote exciting new options for consumers who love music. In addition, this arrangement shows HFA's ability to expand beyond its traditional mechanical licensing business to provide innovative licensing solutions for digital-asset businesses, resulting in new revenue opportunities for its publishers."