Kicks off Nov. 6 in San Diego.

The New York Dolls will kick off their first extended headlining tour in more than 30 years on Nov. 6 in San Diego. The Supersuckers will support on the outing, which runs through Dec. 2 in St. Louis.

The group will be out behind its Roadrunner album "One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This," its first since 1974. Frontman David Johansen told Billboard this summer he was reveling in being back on stage, after spending the past few years performing with the much more sedate band the Harry Smiths.

"When I was with Harry Smith, I'd sit on a stool and play acoustic guitar," he said. "It was pretty esoteric. With this band, it's more aerobic and invigorating. It's all adjunct to being in a kick-ass rock'n'roll band. It's very satisfying to get up and start running around."