12-plus jobs to be lost.

The German affiliate of Sanctuary Records will be closed by the end of the year.

Frank Stroebele, managing director of Sanctuary Germany, confirms that the company would be shuttered "due to worldwide restructuring measures" at its parent, London-based Sanctuary Group.

More than a dozen employees are expected to loose their jobs at the Berlin affiliate.

Since 2001, Sanctuary Germany has been responsible for the company's marketing, sales and promotion activities in the G/S/A region. In addition, the company issues rock and metal releases from such bands as Dragonforce, Europe, the Gathering and Gamma Ray worldwide on the Noise and T&T labels.

Stroebele, who took the helm at the company in April 2004, intends to enlarge his management firm Eye Sound and continue managing the Dutch band Within Temptation.

"Like all record companies we are looking for possibilities to reduce the costs for our worldwide activities," comments Joe Cokell, CEO of Sanctuary Records Group Worldwide. "Within this development I think that our international marketing department in London will offer the necessary support for our artists and our catalog to remain competitive in the German market."