Deal allows users to personalize clips.

Warner Music Group has struck a strategic business agreement with software firm Muvee that enables consumers to legitimately interlace personal video clips and photos into original artist music clips and footage.

The agreement, the first between Singapore-based Muvee and a major music company, will delve into WMG's catalog of premium artist content to create a series of special artist styles to build music video remixes.

Users then upload their clips and pictures and select an artist style. Muvee's technology then blends users' footage with scenes from the artist video to create a unique visual piece.

In welcoming the new partnership, Alex Zubillaga, executive VP, digital strategy and business development for WMG said, "We embrace the technologies that are transforming entertainment and media and believe it is compelling new tools such as muvee's that allow us to creatively empower fans whilst respecting the rights of artists and copyright holders."

WMG and muvee collaborated mid-year on a novel campaign to allow fans of Atlantic-signed artist Jason Mraz create their video mash-ups using footage from the artist's "Geek In The Pink" music promo.

Both companies are looking to roll the service out to acts across the major's roster.