First online piracy case in Sweden.

A Swedish court on Wednesday (Oct. 18) fined a man for illegally sharing music files online, making him the first Swede to be convicted for spreading copyrighted songs over the Internet.

The 44-year-old, who was not publicly identified, was fined 20,000 kronor ($2,700) by the Boras District Court in southern Sweden for making four songs available for download by other users of a file-sharing network.

It was the first time a Swedish court tried a case of online piracy of music files, following the adoption of tougher laws against file sharing last year. Previously, several courts have issued similar fines against people who distributed copyrighted movies via file-sharing networks.

The 44-year-old was reported to police by the IFPI, which said he was distributing 13,000 songs from his home computer. However, prosecutors only had evidence to link him to four of the songs.

Sweden was long criticized as a safe haven for online piracy before toughening its laws against file-sharing. Up to 10% of all Swedes are estimated to freely swap music, movies and games on their computers.

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