Superstore outlet opens Oct. 27.

Borders Group Inc., the music, books and movie retailer, is to open its first superstore outlet in the Republic of Ireland on Oct. 27.

The 22,000-square-feet superstore, in the suburb of Blanchardstown, near the center of the capital Dublin, will be offering more than 100,000 units of CDs, books and movie DVDs.

Additionally, the superstore will stock gifts, stationery and printed media, while a Starbucks coffee shop will be located on its mezzanine floor.

The latest venture is part of the group's subsidiary Borders Ireland. It is a sister company of Borders U.K., which operates to the 38 superstores Borders separately in the neighboring United Kingdom.

The superstores are usually about 22,000 square-feet in size and are located in city centers and retail parks.

Four more superstores are scheduled to open in the U.K. before the year's end, taking the company's total retail-floor space in the country to more than 1.1 million square feet.

In addition, Borders U.K. owns 30 high-street stores and airport bookshops, which are smaller than the superstores and are marketed under the brand names Borders Express and Books etc.