To debut Oct. 25.

MTV will debut "Bones," the new video from Island Def Jam's The Killers, Oct. 25 across more than a dozen of its music channels. But in a twist, the Tim Burton-directed clip will air as an advertisement rather than as a part of MTV's programming. Verizon Wireless has purchased commercial slots on MTV, MTV2, MTV Tr3s, mtvU, MTV Hits and to present the video on a sponsored basis.

The clip, which will include "presented by Verizon Wireless" credits at the beginning and end, is set to run at least eight times on MTV and 10 times on MTV2, as part of the initiative. The video will also air at various times throughout the day on MTV's other networks, and it will be available for on-demand viewing at

Verizon Wireless has purchased commercial air-time during popular MTV shows like "Laguna Beach," "Yo Momma," "Parental Controls" and "MTV Cribs," to give the video maximum exposure.

The video will air in MTV video programming blocks the day following its premier.

The debut is a sponsorship-driven spin on existing MTV programming initiatives like MTV2's "Unleashed," which premieres a new music video every Tuesday on-air and online on

The strategy is an outgrowth of an internal MTV initiative called "Viewser Labs" -- an experimental partnership between MTV, sponsor clients, and advertising agencies to create advertising alternatives to traditional 30-second spots. MTV recently conducted a similar campaign for the trailer for the movie "Dreamgirls."