Labwork Music to launch Oct. 31.

Canadian-based independent label Sonic Unyon Records will launch a new affiliated label Labwork Music Oct. 31 in a joint effort with EMI Music Canada.

Labwork Music, based in Hamilton, Ontario, will be distributed by its parent Sonic Unyon Distribution (which owns Sonic Unyon Records) and EMI Music in Canada and through Caroline Distribution in the U.S.

Twelve year old Sonic Unyon Records continues to be distributed by Sonic Unyon Distribution in Canada, both based in Hamilton; and through Caroline Distribution in the U.S.

The new label’s first signing is the Halifax, Nova Scotia alternative band Wintersleep. Labwork Music is re-releasing the band’s two indie albums, "Self-Titled" from 2002 and "Untitled" from 2005 on Oct. 31

"We will only sign artists we collectively enjoy, care about and want to work with," says David Worthington who has been named Labwork Music Label Manager. "Wintersleep embody the spirit of what we hope this label can represent."