Company signs deals in Spain and Portugal.

Continuing its expansion into Latin music territory, The Orchard has signed more than a dozen digital marketing and distribution agreements with labels in Spain and Portugal.

These include Spain's 18 Chulos Records, Ediciones Resistencia, Propaganda Pel Fet!, Picap, Elkar, Kasba Music, Musica Global, Sonifolk, and K Industria, and Portuguese independents OvaƧao, Zona Musica, Difference Music, and Enchufada.

"For independent companies such as ours, The Orchard gives us a presence in the top digital retail sites in the world and also serves as a key partner in helping place and market our tracks in the digital space," said Javier Jimenez, owner of Ediciones Resistencia, in a statement.

The Orchard's catalog already includes multiple labels from throughout Latin America, as well as Latin labels in the United States.