Artist was 27.

Regional Mexican singer Valentin Elizalde was shot dead in the early morning of Saturday (Nov. 25) in Reynosa, Mexico. He was 27.

Elizalde had just finished playing a concert at a palenque, and had entered his SUV when he was gunned down by more than 70 machine gun bullets.

Elizalde died along with his manager, Mario Mendoza, and his longtime driver and friend Raymundo Ballesteros. No news is yet available on the killers.

Elizalde's murder was witnessed by hundreds of fans, who had gone out to the parking lot in hopes of getting an autograph from the singer. Elizalde, who was known as "El Gallo de Oro" (The Golden Rooster), was signed to Universal Music Latino and had released his latest album, "Vencedor," in April.

He was the son of singer Eduardo Elizalde, who also died tragically several years ago in a car crash. Elizalde's death comes merely months after Trigo
Figueroa, song of regional Mexican singer Joan Sebastian, was gunned down after one of his father's concerts in Texas.