Giants of the nightclub world played to a different beat on Friday (Oct. 20) during the daytime program of the Amsterdam Dance Event. In a packed-out afternoon panel session titled "The artist debate," a panel of master DJs drilled into the pros and cons of the current dance music business.

Moderated by British DJ and broadcaster Pete Tong, the panellists -- which included Germany's Paul van Dyk and Italy's Benni Benassi -- told the audience that DJs and producers had to evolve to survive. "As a DJ, do you have to do more these days? Yes," explained Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren. "Producers need to build their profile and earn cash by DJing. The problem is, the producer who starts DJ, often stops making quality music."

British DJ Nick Warren concurred, "Advances from the labels have dried up and there's not much money in remixes -- it's just promotion these days. Artists must get used to the fact that there isn't such a large pot of money in today's market. To get ahead nowadays, you have to make use of every avenue and possibility. You have to know your market, go to parties and bars, meet the people and do the leg work."

Other panel debates on the day focused on hot topics such as cracking the U.S. market and the contemporary tools for DJs and producers.