Italy's music piracy problem appears to have reached a new level with the news that a Ukrainian street vendor of illegal CDs and DVDs has been shot and killed in Naples.

The incident took place around noon on Dec. 24, but was reported by FPM, Italy's anti-piracy organization, today (January 8).

Witnesses say that the victim, Alexander Keba, 52, was killed in daylight by two men in a crowded street market in Via Brin, in the center of Naples. The men allegedly approached Keba on a motorbike, inviting him to hand over his goods and leave the area.

When Kleba declined, they shot him several times. Keba was pronounced dead on arrival at the local "Loreto Mare" hospital.

Naples is a center for counterfeit CD and DVD production and this business is very much in the hands of local crime organization "La Camorra," the Neapolitan equivalent of the Sicilian Mafia.

Investigators believe that Kaba was killed on the orders of local bosses keen to discourage Ukrainians and other nationalities from moving in on their turf.

Enzo Mazza, president of both FIMI and FPM, tells "This is the first time such a thing has happened. It's very serious."

It is estimated that illegal CDs account for up to 25% of total record sales in Italy.