Youth-focused startup mobile operator Amp'd Mobile revealed operating results today (Jan. 8), for the first time. The results, according to the company, validate its content-heavy strategy.

Amp'd's subscribers more than doubled in the fourth quarter of last year, when it added 70,000 customers to reach of total of just over 100,000.

Additionally, the company says subscribers have either streamed or downloaded more than a million songs, music videos or radio streams, an ambiguous stat at best. Without releasing specifics, the carrier also says customers download more full-length songs than they do ringtones.

All in all, the company says 60% of money it takes in from its subscribers per month, comes from some kind of mobile content service. That figure is more than double the average of 25% reported by more "traditional" wireless operators.

The company claims it brings in an average of $30 a month per subscriber.