Google said it kicked off another test of its video syndication product via its AdSense network with music content partners Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group.

The search giant said it has begun distributing music videos featuring Sony BMG and WMG artists to select sites through its network as a expansion of the click-to-play test initiated with MTV Networks last year. The test will run over the next few weeks, with Google, the music companies and the participating sites splitting the revenue.

Last year, MTVN struck a similar deal with Google to distribute clips from several of its top shows, such as Flavor or Love, on a variety of AdSense sites such as the blog These clips and their corresponding ad placements only played when users clicked on them.

This time around, both Sony and Warner will create various music video "channels" built around specific genres, such as Rock or Pop, which Google's publishers can then embed on their sites. Interested Web users can then browse among several videos within those channels -- which are posted on various publishers sites alongside content -- and then watch whatever videos that interest them, along with ads. Google says that each channel will update its content periodically during the course of the test.

Google hasn't said which sites in its network are participating, only that "participating publishers range from small to large, and cut across many different types of content," according to the Google AdSense blog.