For fans who want and demand it, Pretty Ricky will be only too happy to give them a “Late Night Special.” Putting a user-generated twist on the traditional tour concept, the Atlantic Records group is partnering with San Diego-based to map the stops for a national junket that kicks off in mid-March.

It’s all in support of the group’s Jan. 23 sophomore release, “Late Night Special.” On Feb. 5 Pretty Ricky will formally announce its 1000 Demand Tour Competition in which fans will compete to have the tour stop in their respective city. Once a city nets 1,000 demands, Pretty Ricky will book the show.

The quartet -- which plans to tour for a year -- pledges it will perform in any city that hits or goes beyond the 1000 mark. This is one way to truly gauge your grass-roots popularity. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.